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Summary / introduction:

This Professional Wasp and Bee E-Learning course is designed to help people carry out effective wasp and bee control and management. The course gives the leaner a full working knowledge of both biology and behaviour of the insects, their habitats and environments and reasons for control. This course aims to highlight the associated risks with their control and to give learners an understanding of the positive impacts of wasps and bees.

The course includes: health and safety, use of biocides and pesticides, population, infestation, controls, commercial management.

Once successfully completed a certificate of training is available for download or print.

  • Product delivery: online training and assessment (5 modules)
  • Duration (approx) 2.5-3.0 hours
  • Equipment requirement: online access, suitable PC, laptop, tablet
  • Price: £59.94 incl VAT

Summary / introduction:

This LISS CSCS Litter Picking and Environmental Maintenance e-learning course is designed to help people plan and carry out litter picking and to understand the environments and risks involved with litter picking.

This  course is for people looking to learn about and attain a litter picking certificate. This course is a requirement of a sector scheme for employers and individuals who want to gain their LISS/CSCS card. 

A certificate of training is available for download or print upon completion.

This course covers; health and safety, PPE, manual handling, fire and electricity, COSHH, working at height, litter picking next to road and rail, litter picking next to water, sharps, needles and hazardous waste, biosecurity, injurious and invasive species

  • Product delivery: online training and assessment (4 modules)
  • Assessment type: timed online assessment, must be conducted in an invigilated environment 
  • Sector Scheme: LISS CSCS
  • Duration (approx): 2.0 - 2.5 hours
  • Equipment requirements: online access and suitable PC, Laptop, Tablet
  • Price: £59.94 incl VAT

“I completed the Health & Safety on Farms today and it was very, very good. Lantra website was easy to navigate around and the course itself was very informative. I will be booking the men on to do this course over the next few months!”

B. Barton, Barton & Co (Farmers) Ltd

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